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Welcome to this test plan and thanks for helping out making Milestone 8 a stable release. In M8 we fixed more than 80 bugs and added quite a number of exciting new features. We would like to carefully test this release because the number of changes is quite substantial. There are two ways of helping us out:

  • Simply use M8 and report any issues back to us
  • Follow the testplan below to selectively test features we added in M8

Please report any issues to http://dev.rssowl.org


  • Make the Error Log visible to find out about errors while using M8
    • In RSSOwl go to Window | Show View | Other... | Error Log
    • Errors are shown with a red icon. Doubleclick on an entry to see the message.
    • Note that connection problems are indicated as warning with a yellow icon. You don't need to report these.


  • Launch RSSOwl. A message should inform you that your profile is migrated to M8.
    • Ensure that none of your feeds and settings is lost after the migration
  • General things to look out for
    • Report back any exceptions in the Error Log (Window | Show View | Other... | Error Log)
    • Ensure that the correct number of unread news is shown for feeds in the bookmark view
    • Ensure that you see the contents of a news when you open it from the feed view
  • Move/Copy News
    • Play around with moving or copying News into Bins. News can either be copied/moved via drag and drop or by using the contextual menu.
    • Use Bins in saved searches via location conditions
  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) / Redo (Ctrl+Y) of common operations
    • Delete News and ensure you can undo/redo this operation
    • Mark News as Read and ensure you can undo/redo this operation
    • Mark News as Sticky and ensure you can undo/redo this operation
    • Move/Copy News and ensure you can undo/redo this operation
  • Aggregate a Folder
    • Aggregating a folder will show all news of all feeds in the folder at once
    • Play around with this feature by opening the menu on a folder and selecting Aggregate Feeds
  • Bookmark Wizard
    • Create a new Bookmark by using the new Bookmark Wizard
    • Experiment with Keyword Subscriptions
  • Search Highlight
    • Enable highlighting for a feed and make sure your search-terms are indicated with a yellow background in the news
    • This feature works for saved searches and the incremental search
  • Shortcuts for Label and Sticky
    • Assign shortcuts for Labels and Sticky in Preferences and use them for quickly updating news
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