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  • Note: We consider RSSOwl 2.1 good enough for use. We still recommend a backup of your profile or using a new profile.
  • Download the beta from our announcement for your platform
  • Unzip to any location on your PC
  • Close any running instance of RSSOwl (seriously)
  • Decide how to use the nightly
    • Either specify a new profile as described here
    • Or backup your existing profile before using it with the nightly (location of your profile)
    • Start RSSOwl


  • The 2.1 beta is automatically receiving updates from the beta update channel and will inform you on startup about updates to the beta


  • To uninstall RSSOwl 2.1, simply delete it and start 2.0.6 again.

Testing and Reporting Issues

  • You can help find issues by testing the new features as shown in the changelog. Watch out for the tag Test Me
  • Please report issues to our Bug Tracker at SourceForge.
  • Bug Reporting Guidelines:
    • include the error log (export from help menu)
    • illustrate with a screen shot as appropiate
    • state your OS, Browser and Java environment
    • idealy provide steps how to reproduce


Stability, Scalability and Performance

  • Likely fixed the reason for 90% of all critical profile crashes
    • sorry, this took a while, thanks for the reported error logs
  • Support for large profile DB sizes of more than 2 GB
    • thereby unlimited number of feeds
  • New wizard that helps solve any startup crash situation
    • automatically repair broken search index
    • automatically restore a backup
  • Improved and more reliable backup strategy
  • Newspaper and Headlines layout scale to hundreds of news with new pagination support Test Me
  • Much reduced memory footprint when using feeds with filters Test Me
  • Much improved performance when marking read news in folders, bins or saved searches

Google Reader Synchronization

  • RSSOwl now synchronizes the news state, labels and star state between your Google Reader account and RSSOwl Test Me
  • Use the import wizard (File | Import | Synchronize with Google Reader) to enable synchronization per feed
  • Use clean up (Tools | Clean Up) to get rid of no longer subscribed feeds
  • Note: A star in google reader maps to the sticky state in RSSOwl
  • Note: Currently there is no automatic synchronization of subscriptions other than using the import wizard (to be clear: articles are synchronized automatically, only the list of feeds is not!)
  • Note: There is no support to use existing imported feeds from Google Reader with the synchronization support, you have to re-import those feeds. You can move all the articles of the old feed to a news-bin to keep them
  • Note: The number of news to synchronize is limited by the clean up settings (Maximum number of news to keep, Age of News in Days)
  • Note: In case of any issue, take a look at the new Synchronization Status from the Tools menu or from the status page of any feed
  • We welcome feedback about this feature to make it production ready in 2.1 final
  • Please refer to our updated FAQ [1] to find out more on how synchronization works in RSSOwl

New Layout Features

  • Redesigned Newspaper Layout Test Me
    • less heavy colors, easy to read
    • browser refresh is avoided for incoming news and an info is shown on top with a link to refreh content
    • New option to mark news as read automatically while reading in newspaper mode (enabled by default)
    • Improved search from embedded browser when typing a term into the adress bar
    • much improved grouping in newspaper layout with number of articles and filtered
      • support to expand/collapse news of the group
      • support to invoke actions on all news of the group from the group name (its a link now)
    • Support for pagination in newspaper and headlines layout
      • as usual configurable globally or per feed
      • pages will reveal when scrolling down automatically
    • support for varying news background color to distinguish one news from another easily
    • Redesigned news footer
      • cleaner, easier to find related news
      • new action to try to download an article content and show it (great for news without full content)
  • New List Layout Test Me
    • Only table of news entries, no browser
  • New Headlines Layout Test Me
    • Like newspaper layout, but each news entry is collapsed
    • Shares same new features as newspaper layout

Overall UI Changes

  • Folders now open upon click showing news inside instantly Test Me
  • Single tab use for feeds is the new default to reduce clutter of tabs
    • thereby new actions to "Open" and "Open in New Tab" for feeds
  • More control over toolbar visibility Test Me
    • toggle feed toolbar visibility from the View menu
    • toggle browser toolbar visibility from the View menu
  • Archive feature (integrated everywhere) Test Me
    • quickly move selected news entries to the archive news bin to store it
  • It is now possible to configure the layout per feed Test Me
  • Support for Instapaper and Readability Test Me
    • you can now control per feed or globally to open the articles link with readability or instapaper for improved reading experience (from the Display tab)
  • cleaned up feed toolbar and search controls

Podcast Enhancements

  • Improved automatic download behavior Test Me
    • if download file already exists, the news date will be used as suffix
    • Content-Disposition header support to produce real file names for the download
    • Support to download a news link if it does not have any attachments
  • Warning is shown when trying to quit RSSOwl while a download is active Test Me

Better Clean Up

  • Support for cleaning up orphaned searches and news filters
  • New clean up option to repair the news search index in case RSSOwl detects it has become stale
  • New clean up option to delete feeds no longer subscribed to in Google Reader

Minor Changes

  • Loading of images is now a separate option to loading of movies and other embedded content Test Me
  • New button in browser bar to open current link in external browser
  • Added keybinding to open a new browser tab
  • Keybindings can now be assigned to all share actions
  • The setting for reloading a feed on startup automatically can now also be set per feed and folder
  • More warnings shown from all places where searches are used in case a search is not valid
  • New global option in "Reading" for "Feeds" to turn off automatic read marking of duplicate news
  • New filter action to open matching news in the browser
  • Login Dialog now provides an option to not store passed in credentials permanently
  • Notification Popup animation can be turned off
  • Added "Buffer" to the list of share providers
  • Added support for the Yahoo media namespace for attachments
  • Status Property page now also available for bins, searches and folders
  • Reload interval can now be set in seconds
  • Filters that show items in notifier now show directly instead of the normal 5 seconds delay
  • Columns and Sorting related options can now also be controlled from the View menu Test Me
  • News Filter and News Grouping related options can now also be controlled from the View menu Test Me
  • Can now drop a OPML or XML file for import into any location of the feeds view
  • You can now define the color for links inside the news content display
  • New filter to only "Show Labeled News" Test Me


  • Fix flashing rssowl window on startup before moving to tray (needs reinstall, not update) Test Me
  • news did not resort when a property changed that was sorted by (for date, e.g.)
  • opening the notifier manually was not respecting enabled filter settings
  • keybindings where not supported from import/export via OPML
  • Google Reader importer was not properly reacting on Google error codes like captcha challenges
  • Updated SWT for Linux and Mac to version 3.7 to get best compatibility on latest distributions and versions
  • RSSOwl on Linux now bundles XULRunner 1.9 to avoid browser issues on distributions
  • Saved searches would not show results if feeds view was hidden after startup
  • Saved searches did not show updated results when reparenting bookmarks that where part of a search condition
  • Windows: XULRunner is the only supported XULRunner version (disabled support for 1.9.x)
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